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5 Important Things To Consider Before You Scrap Your Car

So, you’ve owned your current car for more than a few years and you’ve driven it over thousands of miles. However, it has come to the end of its life and you need to scrap it.

If you are looking to make a little bit of money by scrapping your car, you may be in luck and are definitely not on your own. Around 1 million people every year take their car to the scrapyard.

Not only is it a good way to make a little money, but car scrapping is also environmentally friendly.

It may be hard to believe, but cars are actually the world’s most recycled product.

If you are considering the scrapping route for getting rid of your old car though, there are some things you need to keep in mind.

Ensure That The Car Is Definitely In Your Name

It is imperative that you check the car is definitely registered to you. Although this isn’t something that many people have to worry about, if you are not the registered owner or person responsible for your car, you can’t sell it to a scrapyard. The V5C document for your car indicates who is the legal keeper but not owner. You will need further proof of your identity.

Ensure The Take Is Empty

Make sure you empty the petrol or diesel tank before taking it to the scrapyard. If it can still be driven, you may want to take it on one last drive to get rid of the remaining petrol. If you are unable to however, it is not something you should worry about as most scrapyards have an area devoted to de-pollution where toxic liquids are removed from cars and other vehicles before they are crushed or stored.

Ensure All Your Personal Belongings Have Been Removed

This is a common problem. Before you take your car to be scrapped or before it is collected you need to make sure you remove all personal belongings from it. Although scrapyards and other related companies do basic inspections of vehicle interiors, they are not going to look everywhere thoroughly. Since you may store important documentation and other valuables in the glove compartments, you need to make sure you empty these before your car is collected or taken to the scrappers.

Ensure The Deal You Are Getting Is The Best

As well as preparing your car to be scrapped, it is recommended that you spend some time researching your options to ensure you get the best price for your car.

Not only should you check online comparing prices, reading reviews and testimonials, but there are some other things to remember.

Such as, giving as much details about your car as possible. Many scrapyards and other related companies will as various questions about your car and its history, to establish how valuable it actually is.

It may even be wise to write a list of past damages that have been down to the car. Furthermore, it is also a advisable to give them the specific details of issues your car has. This means they could repair it and even sell it, or may salvage it for the parts. By putting the extra effort in, you could make more money.

Payments Should Always Be Paid Into A UK Bank Account

Some of the littlest details are the ones we forget about, even when they are the most important. However, you need to note that it is illegal to accept cash in hand when you are looking to have your car scrapped.

Most scrapyards that are reputable and other companies that help scrap cars for people such as Rhino Car Scrap, will pay you via bank transfer or cheque.