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5 Tips To Get A Great Deal For Scrapping Your Car

You should never listen to anyone who tells you that when your car has reached the end of its life its not worth any money at all. All cars have a value, even just being scrapped. What can you do though, to ensure that you get as much money as possible for your car?

Below, we have out together a list of 5 steps you can follow that will help do just that.

Research Fully Closer To The Start Of The Month

There are various scrap car dealers that will often lower their prices towards the end of a month. This is often the way that they manage their workload effectively. As dealers are usually almost fully booked up or fully booked by the end of a month, they lower their prices so they are temporarily less competitive. Meaning they attract less customers.

By doing research towards the start of the month, you have a better chance of getting a better quote at a time when companies are at their most competitive.

Leave The Car Intact

Although you may be tempted to remove parts and sell them separately, you should know that this will reduce the value and may turn some companies away from taking your car. It may also make it harder for you to have it collected – if you remove the wheels etc.

It really should go without saying – the more you take off your car, the less money you will get from it, as most car scrappers base their price on the vehicle’s weight.

Always Choose A Reputable Car Scrap Firm That Guarantee Their Prices

Don’t just scrap your car with the first company you come across. Shop around and find a reputable dealer. In particular one that guarantees your price. You shouldn’t have to haggle for the price when the driver comes along to collect your car. Make sure you describe your car as detailed and accurately as possible and make sure the company will guarantee the price they quote.

Make Sure You Get a Tax Refund

Make sure you contact the DVLA about a tax refund, before your car is collected by a car scrapping firm like Rhino Car Scrap. Ideally, you should aim to do this before the month ends, or the DVLA might not include the following month in your refund.

Avoid Companies Offering The £25 Log Book Deal

Some companies offer to reduce their price by £25, if you don’t have your log book (V5C). If you come across a company like this, avoid doing business with them. Although it makes the process easier, the DVLA actually don’t NEED your log book for scrapped cars. There are even some companies that will not pick up your car if you don’t have one. While this is an outdated practice and unnecessary, some companies still stick to it.

Although this is not an incredibly exhaustive list, it is hopefully a helpful one that will direct you to a car scrap company that offers you a decent price for your vehicle.