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Do you live in the Bromley area and have an old car you need to scrap? Do you want cash for your old car today? Is your old car sitting on your drive and literally driving you crazy? Don’t fear because we will come and collect your old car and even give you cash for it.

According to old English, Bromley means ‘woodland clearing’, however, we don’t clear trees but we will clear away your old car, and it doesn’t matter where it’s parked and when you need our service because we operate 24/7. So if you live in the southeast and you need to sell your car then we’re happy to help and take it away to be recycled.

If you do live in one of the biggest boroughs south of the river not only will we arrange to collect your car at a time that suits you, we even offer 24/7 and emergency services, so it doesn’t matter when you want us to come and collect your old car.

If you live in the London borough of Bromley and decide to sell your old car with us online, not only will you get a great deal for your old wheels, we’ll take it away and get it recycled. Even if your cars a bit charred, it doesn’t matter, as we take cars of any age, in any condition. We don’t even mind what model it is, so there’s no need to be cross with your broken down car because we’ll give you cash no matter how bad it is.

As well as removing the stress of selling your car, we will give you the best price for any unwanted vehicle in the Bromley area. We even have an emergency service, so if your cars been in a smash don’t worry, we will still come and collect it. We can’t guarantee that you’ll have enough money to buy Bromley Palace, but we will give you the best price for your used car. We offer the best prices across the BR1lliant borough of Bromley, so if you need to sell your car it’s a no brainer.

Unlike H.G Wells who was born in Bromley, we don’t have a time machine so we can’t return your car to its former glory, but we can ensure it makes you money. Just like Charles Darwin who also lived in Bromley, we’ll also ensure your old car evolves into something, with our scrap recycling service.

If you want to find out how much your car is worth use our online quote tool now or give our friendly team a call, in order to sell your old car for cash.