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Best Prices Paid National Scrap Car Collection

Are you looking for a car recycling company near you? At Rhino Car Scrap we’ll buy any car that you don’t want. Operating across Chelmsford, Romford, and other areas of the south end, we’ll happily collect your car and give you some cash.

Whether it’s a trip to Hylands House, Hyde Hall, Chelmsford City Racecourse, Essex Country Cricket Club, or other forms of retail therapy your after, the extra cash you can get for your old car will help you get what you want.

Not only will we collect cars from Essex’s only city, as well as Romford and other places in the south end, we provide the best prices. We also ensure that your car gets recycled, which is great if you’re someone that cares about the environment.

If you’re in a rush to get your old car off your drive or have it removed, we offer 24/7 collection, enabling you to quickly access cash for your old car. Selling your car couldn’t be easier, as you can use our online tool to check how much it’s worth and call our friendly team at Rhino Car Scrap. Just like the London Plan we will help you with transport because we will even come to collect your car in an emergency and will give you cash to remove your broken vehicle in the Greater London area.

Unlike Marconi, who lived in Chelmsford and was famed for developing the radio, you don’t need to get old school and send us a telegraph, because you can signal your interest in selling your car by calling our friendly Rhino team. Alternatively, you can check how much your used car is worth using our online tool, which will give you an instant quote and tell you how much we’ll buy your used car for.

With our friendly team and our online tool it couldn’t be easier, which leaves you free to relax and enjoy the sights and sounds of east London