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If you live in the pretty city of Chester and need to sell your car quickly, then look no further. At Rhino Car Scrap we buy cars for cash and will even collect your car.

If your car is far from pretty, its engine is history or it’s starting to crumble at a quicker rate than Chester’s strong Roman walls, you can use our online tool to get an instant quote or you can talk to our friendly team who will tell you how much your car is worth.

It doesn’t matter if your car looks medieval or what condition your vehicle is in because we are happy to take it away. We’re not even bothered about the make or model either, as we’ll take any scrap car.

We are happy to come and collect your old car and give you cash in return, so you don’t even have to move from your seat, just ask for an online quote, arrange a time and date, then wait for us to collect it.

Our 24/7 service also gives you peace of mind because we will come and collect your scrap car at a time that suits you. Even if you’ve broken down outside the cities walls or late at night we’ll be there, as we offer an emergency service.

If your car is far from performing it’s best, we can’t promise you a role on Holly Oaks but we can promise the best prices. So if your vehicle is past it and can’t be preserved like the cities wonderful walls, we will happily come and take it off your hands. Like Chester born Daniel Craig we also can’t save the world in the style of James Bond, but our car salvage heroes at Rhino Scrap Cars will be able to salvage your car and if recycling it is not enough you will also get cash in return.

Use our online tool today to see how much cash you can get from selling your old car.