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If things aren’t looking good for your car in Guildford and you want to get rid of your car for cash, give us a call at Rhino Car Scrap and you might be surprised how much it’s worth.

We won’t be able to give you gold for your old car but our guild of professional scrap merchants at Rhino Car Scrap will be able to give you a great price. If you’re stuck around town or your cars broken down on the Epsom Road we’re happy to come and collect it, and with our emergency service and 24/7 operation we can arrange a time that is convenient for you.

We might not be able to save you from the antichrist, but like Guildford Cathedral we can provide a (good) omen, for your car at least and help you get rid of it. Our scrap dealer service is environmentally friendly too because we’ll send your car for recycling.

We won’t turn you down in your hour of need, we will accept any car in any condition, and as stated our wonderful team will get your old car recycled. Additionally, it doesn’t matter how bad your old car looks, we’ll happily come and take it away, even if it’s failed its MOT or it’s a complete write off.

So if you need an exorcism for your engine, to conquer your rusty car, or get that junk car off your forecourt, we are happy to whisk it away. The extra cash from your motor means you could even buy the old Omen film and try to spot Guildford Cathedral in the movie, could spend your money in some of the Surrey shops, or even take a trip elsewhere in Greater London.

If like Alice In Wonderland (as written by Guildford’s own Lewis Carol) you find yourself curious about how much your old car is worth, take out the guess work today with our online tool. Alternatively, you can call our friendly Rhino Scrap Car team who will arrange a collection and will provide a great offer that should leave you grinning like the Cheshire Cat.