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If you live in Leeds, Wakefield, York, or Darlington and you don’t know what to do with your junk car, why not sell your car for scrap?

Unlike Alan Bennett, if you’d rather be talking cars than talking heads, then we can help. As professional scrap car dealers we buy any car in any condition, this means your car doesn’t have to be in mint condition, because we’ll take any junk car and sell it for scrap.

Literally, if your car is as ancient as York’s wonderful walls and alley ways we will happily buy your car and collect it whenever suits you. It might be a right old shambles, could have failed it’s MOT or be a right off for all we care, but the important thing is we will give you cash to take it away.

Our lovely team at Rhino Car Scrap work around the clock to ensure we can offer you the best time to collect your car and we also offer emergency services, so we can collect cars that have broken down at any time.

Like the famous Waddington game, which originated in Leeds, if you need a clue as to how much dough we’ll pay for your car then you can use our online quote tool today. As we offer great prices just imagine how tasty the extra cash will be sitting in your wallet waiting for you to spend, and how many of York’s favourite chocolate bars you’ll be able to buy for selling your old car.

Our car buying service in Leeds, Wakefield, York, and Darlington, are sure to get you feeling delighted as you enjoy the easy money from your old dilapidated car. So if you’re in the specified areas of north England and you need to get rid of a rust bucket, we are happy to scrap and recycle your car.

Use our online tool now to check out how much you can get for your used car or call our friendly team today.