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At Rhino Car Scrap we love buying used cars and giving people cash for their scrap. If you are looking to sell your used car online in Luton then you’re in luck because we’ll happily take your old car and give you some cash in exchange.

It’s also hats off to our lovely team at Rhino Car Scrap who work 24/7 to pick up your vehicle and to make you happy by giving you money for your old car. So if you have a junk heap sitting on your driveway or a motor that won’t move our dedicated team look forward to taking it away and sending it to be recycled.

It doesn’t even matter where your car is stuck because we’ll travel all across Luton to pick up your scrap car and we offer emergency services, which is handy if you need quick cash in return for your used car.

As experts in our trade we truly believe in giving you a good price for your junk and as such we offer the best deals for your old car. We also pick up any make or model, so whether it’s a clapped out Capri, a battered old Vauxhall, or an old Mercedes that won’t move, we are happy to take it off your hands.

If your east of Aylesbury or West of Stevenage, we are sure that you’ll be pleased with the amount of money you’ll get for selling your car for scrap. We offer great prices in and around Bedfordshire and if you want to know how much you’ll get for selling your scrap car you can use our online quote tool to check now.

Alternatively, if your car has come to a stop in Stopsley, won’t get you around Round Green, and has lost it’s capability to drop off passengers at Stockwood Discovery, you don’t need to go halfway around The Galaxy to find a scrap service. Contact our friendly team at Rhino Scrap Car to discuss your needs today.