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If you live in England’s biggest town and you need to sell your car for scrap then you’re in luck. You don’t need an oracle to tell you that we offer some of the best deals for your old car because instead of predictions you can use our online tool to see how much your old car is worth.

Unlike King Henry himself we won’t be burying your car in Reading Abbey but what we will do is send your car to recycling and we’ll also give you cash for it. As well as a great deal that is guaranteed to make you feel like you’ve won the championship, our friendly team will collect your old car at a time that is suitable for you. We even offer emergency services so if you’re stuck in and around Berkshire it’s not a problem.

From right offs to MOT failures, we buy any car in any condition and will offer you a great deal, which is something to celebrate. Even if you don’t plan to attend the Reading festival this year, the cash we will give you in exchange for selling your old car for scrap should be music to your ears, which is definitely something to make a song and dance about.

If like Jane Austen you’re enamoured with Reading, you’ll love our prices for old cars in the area. Put your pride and prejudice away because at Rhino Car Scrap we won’t judge you for the state of your car but we will give you a pile of cash or write a nice cheque to take your old car off your hands. We also take all the hassle out of selling your car as we do the hard work by collecting it your at your convenience and sending it for recycling.

Swallow your pride because we really don’t care what state your car is in and we’ll give you cash to take it away regardless if it’s a right off or failed its MOT. The money we give you for scrapping your car might give you a much needed boost if you need to buy gig tickets or put it towards a new motor that will get you around Reading, and the online process is simple.

If you want to know what your used car is worth then you can use our online tool to get an instant quote or can talk to our friendly team at Rhino Scrap Cars who’ll guide you through the process. Selling your old car for cash in Reading couldn’t be easier!