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Is you live in Stockport and want to sell your old car why not use our friendly service at Rhino Car Scrap?

We provide the best prices for your old car and we are happy to arrange a convenient time to collect your vehicle. It doesn’t matter if you car has broken down on the Buxton Road or it’s clapped out in Cheadle because we’re used to dealing with emergencies and our car scrapping service operates 24/7.

It doesn’t even matter what condition your car is in, if you are in the north west of England and reside in Stockport we will buy your car. From rights offs to cars that have failed their MOT we’ll buy any car and give you cash to take it away. We even recycle your old car so whilst you get the money for scrap we provide a green solution.

We’re aware that The Plaza in Stockport is a cinema that’s grade II listed but instead of a film you’ll be watching money come your way if you decide to sell your old car. So if you decide to sell your used car for cash all you need to do is think about how you’ll spend your extra money.

We also know lots of famous TV stars have come out of Stockport but if your car is far from putting in a good performance and has turned into an antique, like the BBC’s David Dickenson who happens to hail from Stockwell, we’ll ensure you get a good deal. That’s why we’re one of the most trusted car scrapping services in the UK.

What can be greater than getting rid of an old rust bucket, getting cash in return and doing your bit for the environment by paid to have your old car recycled? You can’t say fairer than that! You might think your car is as cheap as chips and not worth a penny but you might be surprised, so if you live in Stockport and you’re selling your car why not let us buy it and give you some money in return for getting it recycled.

To find out how much you could get for your old car why not give us a call or use our instant online tool?