5 Important Things To Consider Before You Scrap Your Car

So, you’ve owned your current car for more than a few years and you’ve driven it over thousands of miles. However, it has come to the end of its life and you need to scrap it.

If you are looking to make a little bit of money by scrapping your car, you may be in luck and are definitely not on your own. Around 1 million people every year take their car to the scrapyard.

Not only is it a good way to make a little money, but car scrapping is also environmentally friendly.

It may be hard to believe, but cars are actually the world’s most recycled product.

If you are considering the scrapping route for getting rid of your old car though, there are some things you need to keep in mind.

Ensure That The Car Is Definitely In Your Name

It is imperative that you check the car is definitely registered to you. Although this isn’t something that many people have to worry about, if you are not the registered owner or person responsible for your car, you can’t sell it to a scrapyard. The V5C document for your car indicates who is the legal keeper but not owner. You will need further proof of your identity.

Ensure The Take Is Empty

Make sure you empty the petrol or diesel tank before taking it to the scrapyard. If it can still be driven, you may want to take it on one last drive to get rid of the remaining petrol. If you are unable to however, it is not something you should worry about as most scrapyards have an area devoted to de-pollution where toxic liquids are removed from cars and other vehicles before they are crushed or stored.

Ensure All Your Personal Belongings Have Been Removed

This is a common problem. Before you take your car to be scrapped or before it is collected you need to make sure you remove all personal belongings from it. Although scrapyards and other related companies do basic inspections of vehicle interiors, they are not going to look everywhere thoroughly. Since you may store important documentation and other valuables in the glove compartments, you need to make sure you empty these before your car is collected or taken to the scrappers.

Ensure The Deal You Are Getting Is The Best

As well as preparing your car to be scrapped, it is recommended that you spend some time researching your options to ensure you get the best price for your car.

Not only should you check online comparing prices, reading reviews and testimonials, but there are some other things to remember.

Such as, giving as much details about your car as possible. Many scrapyards and other related companies will as various questions about your car and its history, to establish how valuable it actually is.

It may even be wise to write a list of past damages that have been down to the car. Furthermore, it is also a advisable to give them the specific details of issues your car has. This means they could repair it and even sell it, or may salvage it for the parts. By putting the extra effort in, you could make more money.

Payments Should Always Be Paid Into A UK Bank Account

Some of the littlest details are the ones we forget about, even when they are the most important. However, you need to note that it is illegal to accept cash in hand when you are looking to have your car scrapped.

Most scrapyards that are reputable and other companies that help scrap cars for people such as Rhino Car Scrap, will pay you via bank transfer or cheque.

7 Great Reasons To Scrap Your Car

If your car, although it has been a faithful companion in the past, has seen better days – you may be considering your options for getting rid of it. If you are looking to make a little money on it and don’t think it will make much on specific, separate parts – you may be curious if scrapping it is worth it or not. In the following post we look at 7 reasons why we believe you should scrap your car.

Repairs and Maintenance Cost Too Much

If breakdowns are becoming an increasingly common occurrence or its failing its MOT most years and the costs for maintenance and repairs are more than they are worth, it is time to consider having it scrapped.

It’s Not Fuel Efficient

Older car models have a tendency of not being particular fuel efficient. If the number of times in a week where you are having to refill the tank of your pride and joy has increased, it my be time to scrap your old car and get a more fuel efficient machine.

You Need Money

Often there is no deeper meaning or reason behind scrapping your car. Sometimes it is simply just the fact that you need money. Rhine Car Scrap are one company that will strive to offer you the best price possible for your car, regardless of the condition it is in. therefore, if you are looking for additional funds and need them fast, it may be time to scrap your car.

You Want To Make Use Of Public Transport

If you are living in a suburb or city with reliable and well-managed public transport, you may not want the expense and hassle that comes with owning a car anymore. Particularly if your car is at the end of its life. Then car scrapping is a great option.

Your Car Isn’t Safe To Drive

Some cars just reach a point where its not just that they have a few issues, but are actually not safe to drive on the road anymore. Rather than trying to eke out those last few months, weeks or even days, and at the risk of being involved in an accident – it makes more sense to try and salvage some money from your car. One of the best and quickest ways to do this is by scrapping it.

Your Considering Part Exchange

When looking at new cars to buy, you might be considering the option of part-exchanging your old one for a newer model to save some money. This can be a great option sometimes, but often it is better to have a little extra cash in the bank to put towards your new car. Car scrapping again in this situation, might be the answer.

You Just Want It Sorted Without Hassle

Perhaps it is just the fact that you are far too busy. We understand this, as most people nowadays are very busy. You don’t want the hassle of arranging to take your car down to the nearest scrap yard,. This is why you need to consider Rhino Car Scrap as a viable option for dealing with your car that cannot be fixed.

5 Tips To Get A Great Deal For Scrapping Your Car

You should never listen to anyone who tells you that when your car has reached the end of its life its not worth any money at all. All cars have a value, even just being scrapped. What can you do though, to ensure that you get as much money as possible for your car?

Below, we have out together a list of 5 steps you can follow that will help do just that.

Research Fully Closer To The Start Of The Month

There are various scrap car dealers that will often lower their prices towards the end of a month. This is often the way that they manage their workload effectively. As dealers are usually almost fully booked up or fully booked by the end of a month, they lower their prices so they are temporarily less competitive. Meaning they attract less customers.

By doing research towards the start of the month, you have a better chance of getting a better quote at a time when companies are at their most competitive.

Leave The Car Intact

Although you may be tempted to remove parts and sell them separately, you should know that this will reduce the value and may turn some companies away from taking your car. It may also make it harder for you to have it collected – if you remove the wheels etc.

It really should go without saying – the more you take off your car, the less money you will get from it, as most car scrappers base their price on the vehicle’s weight.

Always Choose A Reputable Car Scrap Firm That Guarantee Their Prices

Don’t just scrap your car with the first company you come across. Shop around and find a reputable dealer. In particular one that guarantees your price. You shouldn’t have to haggle for the price when the driver comes along to collect your car. Make sure you describe your car as detailed and accurately as possible and make sure the company will guarantee the price they quote.

Make Sure You Get a Tax Refund

Make sure you contact the DVLA about a tax refund, before your car is collected by a car scrapping firm like Rhino Car Scrap. Ideally, you should aim to do this before the month ends, or the DVLA might not include the following month in your refund.

Avoid Companies Offering The £25 Log Book Deal

Some companies offer to reduce their price by £25, if you don’t have your log book (V5C). If you come across a company like this, avoid doing business with them. Although it makes the process easier, the DVLA actually don’t NEED your log book for scrapped cars. There are even some companies that will not pick up your car if you don’t have one. While this is an outdated practice and unnecessary, some companies still stick to it.

Although this is not an incredibly exhaustive list, it is hopefully a helpful one that will direct you to a car scrap company that offers you a decent price for your vehicle.

Help With Increasing The Price of Your Car For Scrapping

On average, a UK car has a roadworthy lifespan of around 7 years. Even if you stay on top of the maintenance and keep it in good condition, you may still have a car in the end that reaches its natural conclusion.

Regardless of the reason, you need to think about the options open to you at this point. Your best option if your car does not start, is to scrap it.

If you are interested in increasing the value of your car when it is scrapped, we have some great tips for you.

Start Research Towards The Start of The Month

Most companies base the price they offer on what the current value of scrap metal is. If they base it on the value of the weight of scrap metal, then the amount they offer will only change if the industry set value for metal changes. It is common though, for many companies to reduce their prices as the month draws to a close. This is a way many car scrappers manage their workload and as a way of avoiding over-committing to their customers, to be less attractive.

So by researching as early in a month as possible, you are going to get a better price from a car scrapper.

Avoid Removing Parts

In order to get the best price for your car, avoid removing any parts. Even if you think you may be able to get money for separate parts, you could put off some car scrap firms from taking your car to scrap. It also will obviously effect the final quoted price you are given.

Consider Using An Auction

One of the best place to find buyers for scrap cars is online. A great option is to put it up through an auction company. The price you are given is based on different aspects and not the weight.

Always Make Sure The Price You Are Given Is Guaranteed

You need to ensure you sell your car to a car scrap company that is reputable and one that offers you a price with a guarantee.

There should be no need for you to haggle with the driver when they come to collect your car for a better price. Just make sure that you give them as many details as accurately as you can when you are arranging for a quote.

Remember To Get A Tax Refund

When you arrange for your car to be collected and scrapped, it is wise to contact the DVLA to apply for a tax refund, before collection day. Do this before the end of the month, or it might mean that the DVLA will not include the next month’s worth of tax in the refund.

Don’t Be Sucked In By The Missing Log Book Trick

One of the most popular methods car scrap companies try to con you out of the value of your car is by suggesting that they reduce the price they are offering if you do not have the log book or V5C. Don’t be sucked in by this because the DVLA do not even require that owners should still have the log book to legally scrap their car. It makes the whole process a little easier, but it is not necessary and any company that suggests a price reduction based on this should not be trusted.

Understanding The Connection Between Car Scrapping And Helping The Environment

In the past when you wanted to scrap your car it meant taking a visit to a less than scrupulous car scrapyard. If you were fortunate, you may have been given a small amount of money, though nothing to write home about, simply for bringing the car to the yard. Then, it would just sit there, stacked on top of various other cars that have been given to that particular yard.

Even if they were eventually compacted, it was not carried out following correct procedure to ensure the fluids were drained off first. All the toxic chemicals and dangerous metals were left to just seep into the ground, meaning that antifreeze, motor oil that had already been used and even mercury got into the water supply.

Needless to say, on average, most car scrapyards in the past were pretty toxic places.

Protecting the Environment Is Made A Priority By New Regulations

When you scrap your car these days, it actually can help the environment rather than endangering it, like it was in the past. In order to reduce the need for excessive levels of newly mined metals and other minerals is the recycle the materials that already exist.

Your car is made up lots of different materials that can be recycled, as well as the metal. The plastics and glass, for example, found in your car can be recycled and used to create new items. This means that there are less mines working fully, stretching the limitations of the natural world.

Additionally, there is the bonus benefit of reduced toxicity. Heavy metals and minerals such as mercury that are often present in modern car constructions can be recycled and disposed of properly to ensure they cause no-one or thing any harm. Gone are the days of an old, banged-up Ford leaking all over the street.

For a company to offer the service of scrapping a car, they need to have put money into establishing a proper infrastructure that is eco-friendly. Meaning that they need to have modernised buildings and concrete padding that can resist leaked toxic chemicals and other materials. They also need to have the proper equipment for processing hazardous materials.

You AND the Environment Benefit From Car Scrapping

It is not just the environment that benefits from modern car scrapping – you do as well. Obviously the most immediate benefit is the financial one of getting paid some money for scrapping a car that has seen better days and you have no use for anymore. A car scrapping firm like Rhino Car Scraps will even collect your car directly from a location of your choice at no further cost and pay for your car based on a number of different factors, most notably the weight.

You are also helping the local economy. It is reckoned that for around every pound generated from a car scrap sale, two pounds are generated in economic commerce. Because you have sold the car you can no longer use, you have extra money that you can spend on things that you really need. Then the money you spend is used by the service providers or retailers where you bought new items and services from is used by them for their own businesses. In the end, everyone benefits.