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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve tried to answer all of your frequently asked questions about scrapping a car, selling a car, or contacting us. If you can’t find the answer you need, please contact us.

Paperwork related to your car, the locking wheel nut key if you have alloys on your car, V5C registration document and the keys

As cash payments are now illegal for scrap cars, we will pay you via instant bank transfer, which clears before your car is taken.

Normally, it can take 5 to 10 minutes to load a car onto the recovery vehicle. It could take longer depending on how easy or difficult your car is to remove and where it is located/parked.

Even if you are the registered owner/keeper of the your car, it is not necessary for you to be there when collect your car. You could ask a neighbour, friend or relative to give you help. As long as the driver collecting the car for us can access it and there is someone to hand on the paperwork, that should be okay.

That’s okay, let us handle it. When we get in contact with you to confirm and finalise the details for collection, just remember to give us any information regarding height restrictions or obstructions that could make your car harder to recover.

That’s okay, you will just need to prove that you are the legal owner of your car, so everything stays legal.

The registration document, either the log book or V5C is a DVLA-issued document that the person responsible for the car/owner of the car receives.

The only thing you need to do, is remove your house keys (if you keep them on the same key ring) from your car key keyring, collect together any paperwork you have relevant to the car and ensure that all personal items have been removed from it.

Leave that to us, we will handle all the paperwork with regards to the collection of your car and that includes contacting DVLA to inform them you don’t own it anymore.

We use a specially formulated quote system that gives you a price. We will call you as soon as we can after you have used the online quote form. We are very proud of the fact that we offer some of the best prices on the market and we promise to ‘Beat any quote’

If you have received a Salvage quote from us, it basically means that because of the year, model or make of your car, that we are going to salvage it rather than weigh it as scrap metal. Below the price you will find the criteria your car must meet to qualify. If your car does not meet this criteria or you aren’t sure whether it does or not, you can always add extra information, regarding exactly what is wrong with it and we will make you a quote.

If you are looking to get a tax refund, you need to tell the DVLA you have sold the car. This is normally done when your car has been collected with the V5C registration book. The yellow section – 9 – is filled in by the driver on collection day, handed to you and then you send it to DVLA, preferably by recorded deliver. If you don’t have the V5C anymore, it is recommended that you send the DVLA a letter citing the collector’s details to signify you do not own the car anymore and when it was collected. You can find out more about tax refunding, by getting in contact with the DVLA or visiting

Although most of the time, depending a lot on location, we struggle with collecting cars that don’t have wheels, we may still be able to help you out. It may mean that we reduce out price because of the hassle and time it takes.

As we want to make sure you get the best price possible for your car, we have zero tolerance for people changing the price unless there is a good enough reason. The only reason you might have a problem is if parts have been removed and you neglect to tell us or you try to pull the wool over our eyes so we value your car higher than its actually worth.

We will arrange a collection time that is suitable for you and us. We are able to allocate a PM or AM slot or we can book a collection time based on ‘hour windows’ like 10 to 12, for instance. We are also able to give you sufficient notice of when we will arrive, if necessary. This may be handy if you have to travel to where your car is stored or located.

If this is the case, you need to contact the appropriate governing body of the country where your car is registered. You need to notify them that your car is being disposed in the UK. You may need to send them your car’s number plates and registration document.

Once we collect your car, you can cancel your insurance. If you cancel it before, you are not legally allowed to use it on public roads and highways. If your old car is being replaced with a new one, you need to contact your insurer as they may issue you a refund or replace the car noted on your policy.

The COD or Certificate of Destruction is a kind of certification that only a ATF-registered company can provide you with.

ATF is Authorised Treatment Facilities and these are fully licensed sites that have been given the authority by the Northern Ireland Environment Agency, Scottish Environment Protection Agency and the Environment Agency in England and Wales.

A SORN can be filled out online, over the telephone or at your local post office. Once your SORN has been made, you are not allowed to keep your car on public highways. After your rad tax expires, you will have 14 days to re-tax, sell your car or dispose of it and contact DVLA or declare SORN. You could be required to pay a fine if once the 14th day has passed you have not done any of the above.

Scrap car prices vary because they are based on weight. Therefore, the heavier your car is, the more it is worth. The location of your car can also be a factor in price as logistics are always considered.

If you are unhappy with the quoted price we have offered you, we would very much like to hear from you. Contact us and we will discuss your car and the quote in greater detail to see if we can make you a better offer or not.

Sometimes, we have been known to. If you have an unusual car or vehicle to scrap, please contact us. We have, in the past, made some offers on odd cars, including a buggy from London Zoo. So always give us a try and you never know we might make you an offer.

We are still able to collect your vehicle, even if it is at your workplace, a storage compound or garage. On occasion, we have even collected cars that belonged to emigrated customers from airports.

We do our best to buy almost every car that customers are looking to scrap, even if this means we make a loss. Why do we do this? We feel passionately about offering you a service you can fully rely upon, regardless of whether your car is more valuable to us over a longer period of time. The way we see it, we might buy your low value Fiat Punto today, but further down the line one of your relatives or friends may look to us to scrap a more valuable car.

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