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Since its inception in 1910, Alfa Romeo is a car that has been known as a high performance vehicle designed and manufactured with passion as the driving force. You may not have realised that the car was once known as the Darracq, about 4 years previously and the name Alfa is actually an acronym that means Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili in Italian that translates as Anonymous Lombard Automobile Factory.

Where did the Romeo part come into it? That wasn’t until 1920 when the company was taken over by Nicola Romeo, an entrepreneur that she lent her surname to the branding. The first instance of a car bearing the full name was the Alfa Romeo Torpedo 20-30 HP Open Tourer.

If there is one thing that stands out about Alfa Romeo vehicles and their designs, across the board, it’s that they are cars that have always been made in a very essential and pure fashion. You will never find a detail on an Alfa Romeo or a component that doesn’t have a purpose.

It is a car that has a very distinctive aesthetics too. Undeniably, the triobe front of the car is one of the most iconic in the car manufacturing industry. With the side of each and every Alfa Romeo, regardless of manufacture year or model, having a clear line and carefully sculpted dimensions that give it its aerodynamic flare.

As Alfa Romeo cars are known for their combination of clean and elegant designs with serious raw power, there is always a bit of muscle to the rear of the car, showing really what is hidden beneath.

Alfa Romeo has moved with the times and modern models such as Alfa Romeo Giulietta of a few years ago, along with the Alfa Romeo Guilia are full of integrated technology. However, they still retain that elegance and that raw power the manufacturer was always known for. Italian engineering at its finest.

Although it is never fun when you have to face the decision of changing your car, it is part and parcel of investing in this kind of commodity. Cars, whether they are Alfa Romeo or another manufacturer, eventually stop performing as well as they used to when they were first purchased.

This is especially true if your Alfa Romeo was bought as a second hand car originally. So what do you do when your pride and joy is no longer something you feel proud about because driving it is far from a joy and more of a pain in the neck? Your first port of call would be to see if there was any chance to sell it to make back a little bit at least in terms of the investment you put into the car.

However, cars depreciate quite rapidly. In fact, even when you buy a new car, the moment it leaves the showroom or factory, it loses a significant percentage of its original value. If your car has major internal issues, even if it is an Alfa Romeo, it could cost a lot of money to fix it – more money than it is worth it. One great solution though that could mean you get a reasonable price as compensation is if you consider scrapping your Alfa Romeo using Rhino Car Scraps.

Forget what you think you knew about car scrapping firms, as a lot has changed over the years and with strict guidelines in place, you can trust doing business with a company like Rhino Car Scraps. Not only is it relatively easy to scrap your car – you simply fill in some details or give us a call, we assess it, give you a no-obligation quote and if you decide to go ahead with it we will come and collect it and scrap it for you. Gone are the days of trawling round unreliable and unscrupulous car scrapyards.