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Cadillac is the second oldest manufacturer in America, and one of the oldest in the world. It was established from the remains of what was the Henry Ford company in 1902 and pre-dates Chevrolet by around 9 years.

The name interestingly comes from the founder of the Michigan city of Detroit, Antoine Laumet de la Mothe, sieur de Cadillac. Because of this, the crest is actually based on his own coat of arms. For many people, from its inception, the cars produced by Cadillac have always been highly desired. They are seen as cool and quintessential American auto-mobiles.

With this in mind, if you have owned a Cadillac for some time now, or perhaps it has just been used a lot; the title of this post may have filled you with dread. Why would anyone want to scrap at Cadillac. We understand how ridiculous that might sound to some people. However, every car eventually comes to its natural end. Especially if its a car you are actually using on a regular basis. Cars that are kept in a garage protected, obviously will last longer because the sad and unfortunate thing is that they actually depreciate considerably even when they are driven away from the factory and then furthermore when they are driven out of the dealership you bought it from.

Problem of Depreciation

So each and every time you have driven your Cadillac on the open road, it depreciates a little more. That is just one of the issues that goes hand in hand with car ownership. So if you have a Cadillac, you have a few different options to choose from. You could sell it, because of its heritage value, if it is an older, vintage model and is in reasonable condition considering; you may be able to find a buyer who doesn’t mind footing the bill for any restorations and repairs that it might require.

Problems with Having It Repaired

It could be that you decide to try and repair the car yourself, or to hire someone. Particularly if it is not too much. However, even if your car does not require too much work to be carried out on it, it can still be a disruption and a long-drawn out process. Furthermore, even with a classic car like a Cadillac that you’d expect a lot of the parts to be available readily, you may find you are on a wild goose chase.

Navigating The Used Car Market

Another issue that may put you off selling your car is the used car market itself. Do you really have the time and do you really want to deal with the hassle? The hassle of arranging viewings, dealing with strangers and having people poking their noses in and around your pride and joy and possibly even, rudely asking for you to reduce your already modest price tag.

Why Scrapping Might Be Your Best Option For Your Cadillac

This is back round to the subject of why you might want to skip the above and simply choose to have your Cadillac scrapped, with a company like Rhino Car Scraps. Now, before you start to fret and worry about heading down to one of those car scrapyards your dad always warned you about, stop right now. You don’t actually have to bother going anywhere near any unsavoury places that might try and rip you off – in fact, they were outlawed years ago. Rhino Car Scraps and other companies like it, are completely legit and legally certified places where you can offload your used and unwanted cars, like the Cadillac that is sitting in front of your home collecting dust and rust, for instance.

They will offer you a fair price and will pay you directly into your bank account. You will even have the option to choose the address you wish them to collect your car for you. In fact, it is really the most hassle-free way to get some money for your car.