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Chrysler. There’s a name that definitely epitomised the ‘American Dream’ and eventually went on to become one of the original American Big 3 car manufacturers. The founder, Walter P. Chrysler was a qualified engineer who began working as a railroad mechanic and managed to work his way steadily up to become chief of Production at Buick back on 1911. It only took him another 4 years to work his way up to become the president of that company.

Although he was incredibly wealthy at that time, he had aspirations of starting his own company, and he bought the failing Maxwell Motor Company during 1921 and the first Chrysler car was produced, the Chrysler 70, in a short time after that.

The rest is history and the company had an iconic, albeit controversial run as one of the top manufacturers of cars in the world. Although their models are not always as easily recognised, the name is, which is why you might wonder how anyone could scrap a piece of American history.

Well, Chryslers were at one point highly sought-after cars, but a lot has changed and while people in the car industry remember the name well and what it achieved, modern Chryslers are not nearly as valuable.

There’s also the fact that, regardless of what car you have, if it is not in great condition, the badge on the front won’t really make much difference. Unless of course you want to fix your car up and then sell it. Admirable and if you love cars it might truly be a lot of fun; but, if you don’t and you need money fast or just don’t have time to spend messing around with a car, it is not a viable option.

Even if your car is in good condition, it is still dependant on how many miles you have driven. Cars have a shelf-life and the more they are used, the closer they get to the end of their shelf-life. So that beautiful car that you drive to work every day, that lovely Chrysler, might not actually be as valuable as you think, because you use it regularly.

All of that aside, you still need to find a buyer and you really have two options in this regard. You could try selling privately through the used car market or through a dealership. Both of these options have their own pitfalls, usually involving you losing out on the money you hoped or expected to get for your car. While the used car market can often be a great place to do business, it is also filled with time-wasters and people who expect to get a real bargain.

It really can be quite frustrating, which is why people then turn to car scrapping companies, like Rhino Car Scraps. Most people that remember the old car scrapyards, will probably not have very positive images in their heads right now. However, it is time to dispel some of the misconceptions about modern car scrapping firms.

For one thing, it is now a completely legit business and in order to recycle a car you need to have access to or use a fully authorised and appropriate recycling plant. Also, gone are the days of cash in hand and no paper trail to back-up the details of your sale. If any car scrapping company tries to offer you cash in hand, turn around and walk away or put the phone down and go to Rhino Car Scraps. They will always pay directly into your bank.

With Rhino Car Scraps and other modern companies like them, you don’t have to visit them in person and can do much of the work over the phone. They will even come and collect your vehicle to take it to the recycling point from the location of your choice, whether it is your home or workplace. There is no fuss, no hassle and it is a very quick process.