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Andre Citroen was born in 1878 and attended a Paris-based Poly-technical school and then went on to work for the Mors car company. It wasn’t long after that, that he ventured into his own company and in 1919, the very first Citroen car was released.

The car that started it all was known simply as Type A and it 6 different styles of body could be ordered for the vehicle that housed a 4 cylinder engine with a maximum 10 horsepower. The Type A was capable of achieving a top seed of 65 km per hour. For the very modest price of 7, 205 francs, you could buy the car with lights and a spare wheel included.

Over the years, Citroen continued to gain popularity, with the company producing 2,500 cars in 1919 and in 1920 producing 20,200. With the introduction of its first ever front-wheel drive car in 1934 and the introduction of the LA Deesse in 1955, the company have been known for making waves in the automobile industry and seen as being trailblazers.

With all of the above and so much more worth highlighting from Citroen’s history as a car manufacturer, it is not hard to see why their vehicles continue to be as popular today. Which may lead you toy wonder why anyone would scrap their pride and joy of French engineering.

However, all good things come to an end, and when that happens to a car, you need to work out what the best option for you is overall. Obviously, it makes sense to assess whether you can sell your old Citroen in the first instance. If your car is still in reasonably good condition, both on the outside and the inside, it may be relatively easy to find a buyer – even if it is someone who doesn’t want something all bells and whistles and just needs an affordable car to get them from a to b.

What if it is in less than great condition? It’s starting to look like it has been involved in and lost a number of heated debates on the road and the engine doesn’t sound particularly healthy. You could still go down the route of selling your car for parts, but this can take a lot of time and effort and very often, the effort, time and money that you invest into this laborious process does now equate to great results.

Selling a car also means that you have to navigate either selling it to a dealership or putting it on the used car market, which is often a very stressful process that involves the prospect of dealing with potentially unscrupulous people or even just time wasters.

This is why many people are led to the idea of scrapping their car for money being the best option. It is less important whether your car is in great condition or not and thanks to the improvements and tightening of laws; you no longer have to drive to the bad side of town to visit scrapyards to see if the owner wants to buy your vehicle.

Things are now incredibly above board and legal. You will never be offered cash in hand for scrapping your vehicle and all car scrapping companies, such as Rhino Car Scraps, need to meet rigorous rules and regulations and can only actually scrap a car if their premises are designated as fully authorised recycling plants.

What’s more, you don’t even really have to leave your home to arrange for your vehicle to be collected and scrapped. If this sounds like something you are interested in, why not get in contact with Rhino Car Scraps today and tell them all about your Citroen.