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Dacia is a relatively new car manufacturer that first was established in 1966. Then it was operating under the name Uzina Autoturisme Pitesti or UAP and the very first car they produced was not actually a sole project by the company. Instead it was a Renault 8 that was created under a special license and was given the name the Dacia 1100.

Over the course of 4 years between 1968 and 1972, the company only made 44,000 and in 1969, the Dacia 1300 was also rolled out. This was a copy of different Renault, the Renault 12, but this had a lengthier life, with it being manufactured still in 2004. With some improvements, upgrades and enhancements made to it along the way, as you’d expect.

However, as the company was based in Romania and it was under the rule of Nicolae Ceausescu, it suffered for the country being what was arguably one of the most Stalinist states throughout the entire Eastern Bloc.

This meant that any innovation the company wanted to push forward with was not permitted, which put a strain on the relationship they had with Renault. The French company was also worried about Dacia’s poor safety standards, so eventually cut ties.

The car company continued to have moderate success with their creations being imported to the UK. Because the cars did not meet the same standards of other car brands though, they became on of the forgotten brands and their sales sunk lower and lower.

Things turned around and the company became the Dacia that are respected and loved nowadays, when Renault bought a significant share in the company in 1999. So what do you do if you have a Dacia and it is not living up to the high standards of the cars produced by the manufacturer?

As no-one these days can really afford to just get rid of a car without trying to make as much money as they possibly can, you need to think carefully about the options open to you. Even though Dacia, particularly more modern models, are popular nowadays, whether you will find any interest for your car on the used car market depends on the condition it is in.

If, for example, it still has great paintwork, the interior is still comfortable and the engine, brakes and all the inner workings of the vehicle are in good working condition – sure, putting it up for sale would definitely an option you should pursue.

However, if it is not any of the above, your options are very limited. You could still try and sell and see if anyone is interested in buying it for parts or to rebuild it themselves. You could consider doing that yourself, but that is more time, effort and money than you may be willing to spend. Particularly if you already have an already busy schedule.

Having you considered scrapping your Dacia? Stop frowning when you read that and lift your chin off the floor. Scrapping a car nowadays is not the same perilous endeavour it was in the past. For one thing, you don’t actually have to visit a dodgy scrapyard on the edge of town. Virtually all of the arrangement when having your Dacia scrapped happens online. A company like Rhino Car Scraps will even come and collect your vehicle from the address you give them, meaning very little inconvenience for you.

It’s hard to let go of such a big piece of your life as a car is, but if it has become a noose around your neck, then the only viable option may be to scrap it.