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No matter how much of a petrolhead you might imagine that you are, we are quietly confident that you are not as ofay with the history of the biggest automobile company in South Korea, Hyundai. For instance, did you know that the manufacturer now can build cars using parts that have been completely engineered in their own factories? Did you know that Kia, their biggest rivals, are now actually themselves owned by Hyundai?

The company has been operating in the motoring world for the last 50 years and it is hard to argue with the success it has experienced. This is mostly due to the manufacturer’s passion for taking risks and experimenting. The car’s history dates to 1947 when a South Korean entrepreneur named Chung Ju Yung founded what became known as the Hyundai Engineering and Construction Company. It was 20 years later that the Hyundai Motor Company was born and the released their first car. Although it was a Cortina and based on the American Ford model of the same name, the sales provided the motivation for them to make their own model.

Over the years, it is fair to say the company has achieved a lot, not just in and around its home country, but globally. Drive down any busy UK road and you are bound to see more than a few Hyundai vehicles of different shapes and sizes.

As they have a reputation for building stylish and sophisticated cars that can take a lot wear and tear; why might you want to scrap yours? Surely selling it would be better, you might ask. That is a fair point, as cars account for a huge investment and any small fraction of what you paid for a vehicle that you can get back when you sell it is always a good thing.

Particularly if you have avoided any accidents or incidents and your car has been kept in good working condition. It would be ridiculous to take a shiny, high performance Hyundai that still has many hundreds of miles on the clock to the scrappers.

The problem is though if you do decide to sell your car, the people and market you must deal with. The second-hand car market is not always the most fun place to do business in. Whether you are having to field viewings and price bartering with timewasters or complete strangers trying to drive your price right down or deal with the waiting. Waiting for someone to take the hook and show some interest; it can take up a lot of your time.

Dealerships are often not much better, as they are always trying to avoid paying too much for a vehicle, even if it is in amazing condition. So then, we come to scrappers, like Rhino Car Scraps.

Do you cringe whenever you hear the term car scrappers or scrapyards? It could be that this is because you are envisioning the scrapyards of old, where you’d take your car down and have a tough challenge trying to get a good deal with the slightly dodgy looking character who owned the yard. Well, if that is the case, put those images out of your mind.

Nowadays car scrappers like the Rhino Car Scraps are reputable and legit businesses. They are regulated and need to properly qualify and have the correct facilities before they can offer recycling and car scrapping services. So, rest assured you are dealing with people operating within the law.

What’s more, it’s also incredibly convenient to let a car scrapper deal with your Hyundai that has seen better years. They will offer you the best price they possibly can and will even come and pick up your vehicle from the address you request, whether it is your home or workplace.