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Understanding The Connection Between Car Scrapping And Helping The Environment

In the past when you wanted to scrap your car it meant taking a visit to a less than scrupulous car scrapyard. If you were fortunate, you may have been given a small amount of money, though nothing to write home about, simply for bringing the car to the yard. Then, it would just sit there, stacked on top of various other cars that have been given to that particular yard.

Even if they were eventually compacted, it was not carried out following correct procedure to ensure the fluids were drained off first. All the toxic chemicals and dangerous metals were left to just seep into the ground, meaning that antifreeze, motor oil that had already been used and even mercury got into the water supply.

Needless to say, on average, most car scrapyards in the past were pretty toxic places.

Protecting the Environment Is Made A Priority By New Regulations

When you scrap your car these days, it actually can help the environment rather than endangering it, like it was in the past. In order to reduce the need for excessive levels of newly mined metals and other minerals is the recycle the materials that already exist.

Your car is made up lots of different materials that can be recycled, as well as the metal. The plastics and glass, for example, found in your car can be recycled and used to create new items. This means that there are less mines working fully, stretching the limitations of the natural world.

Additionally, there is the bonus benefit of reduced toxicity. Heavy metals and minerals such as mercury that are often present in modern car constructions can be recycled and disposed of properly to ensure they cause no-one or thing any harm. Gone are the days of an old, banged-up Ford leaking all over the street.

For a company to offer the service of scrapping a car, they need to have put money into establishing a proper infrastructure that is eco-friendly. Meaning that they need to have modernised buildings and concrete padding that can resist leaked toxic chemicals and other materials. They also need to have the proper equipment for processing hazardous materials.

You AND the Environment Benefit From Car Scrapping

It is not just the environment that benefits from modern car scrapping – you do as well. Obviously the most immediate benefit is the financial one of getting paid some money for scrapping a car that has seen better days and you have no use for anymore. A car scrapping firm like Rhino Car Scraps will even collect your car directly from a location of your choice at no further cost and pay for your car based on a number of different factors, most notably the weight.

You are also helping the local economy. It is reckoned that for around every pound generated from a car scrap sale, two pounds are generated in economic commerce. Because you have sold the car you can no longer use, you have extra money that you can spend on things that you really need. Then the money you spend is used by the service providers or retailers where you bought new items and services from is used by them for their own businesses. In the end, everyone benefits.